What to return?

  • 24 June 2021
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I cancelled the other day my subscription and I received the mail regarding return of the devices, but I’m confused, are those bullet points, or ZEROs?

so does it mean I do not have to return anything?



Furthermore it says that on the 23rd (yesterday) you have tried to charge for the month of June and it failed.. this is really weird?


there is plenty of availability on my account to cover that, plus on my bank account i do not see any failed transaction from you.


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Good day @Andrea_D,

I understand that confusing as this is not a clear form. It is meant as a summary. So, Whatever you are using from T-Mobile must be returned including the cables that were provided to you. So, the modem, TV boxe(s), and or MESH/with points. 

Most of the times this won't be a problem and another attempt for payment will be filed in just a couple of days. If this does not succeed, please respond in this topic as moderators are reading along and can assist you further on. 


Today i received this other mail:

so now i’m even more confused… do i need to return it or not?

first i get the list of items to return, and now i get this mail that says to not return nothing.. what to do?

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Hi @Andrea_D


Good news: I can confirm that you do not need to return the last hardware you still have. 


For other people facing this issue, you can check our website: What hardware do I need to return.


Zyxel: return please. All other modems you can keep.