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  • 10 August 2022
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Hi all!

(sorry in advance if it’s in english...)

I’ve just moved to a new place and we have two connections for the internet

  1. A perfectly placed wall socket thing, in the living room (in the middle of the house, basically), next to the electricity point. So, this point would be the preferable one.
    Although, I believe it’s not possible on this one? 
  2. It’s this KPN point in the closet, near the entrance of the house, which is very far from my bedroom. There is also no electricity point, so i have to drill a hole through to put it here. 
    Therefore, I would 100% not prefer this one. 

Can someone help with this, btw? 

It’s not the end of the world to use the #2 choice but it is rather annoying. 


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Hello @Fani 

The wall socket on the 1st picture is not used for DSL internet, the one on the 2nd picture is the main ISRA point to which the T-Mobile modem needs to be connected, you can plug one end of the DSL cable in de left port (you can also try the righ port if left doesn't work) and the other end in the DSL port on your modem.

Hello I purchased my t mobile home in July 26 it got delivered on August 2 but we don't have ISRA point connection in the house we only have the coax connection in the living room, I still haven't been able to connect to the internet.






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Hello @Rabia Mustafazada 

Could you look for any of these in the fusebox, livingroom or somewhere else?

You could also find a telephone cable entering your house.

Hello @Waqqas 

We had this one in the bedroom but cable was cut there's a mark of something was there but they have replaced it with the door bell


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@Rabia Mustafazada

Is the first picture really In the bedroom? It looks like somewhere else.

And the wall socket on the 2nd picture doesn't work when you connect your modem to it? You can also open it to see if the cable is connected or where it is coming from.


The first picture is the fuse box and that is the cable that goes to the wall socket and it is cut off, so we don't have any other connection except the coax.


As you can see in the picture there was a device which was connected to the cable and the cable goes to the wall socket 



We only have this in our living room 


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We only have this in our living room 


@Rabia Mustafazada T-Mobile doesn't use this connection point, there has to be a cable from KPN maybe coming out of the ground in the fusebox. If you cannot find it then please wait for a moderator to reply so they can send a te hnicianm

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Hi @Rabia Mustafazada, thanks for your messages! I've checked it out right away and don't worry. You wouldn't be able to to order an account if there was not a ISRA point around. Because we are not able to locate it right away, a technician has been send out to help you out. I see that he’ll come by next week. With the help of the technician, I'm sure we're able to connect you to our grid. Apologies for the inconvenience. Help is on its way! 

Hello @Boris today the technician came by and checked the and wasn't able to find the ISRA point, I don't know what he told my brother I wasn't home at the time he came and my brother doesn't understand English very well.

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Hi @Rabia Mustafazada,

Thanks for the heads-up! I've seen the update from the technician, as he was unable to find the ISRA point at your location. He notified our technical department about this ordeal. They will most likely have to notify our grid operator to check on the ISRA and label it. You'll be notified when this happens. Our sincere apologies. The hunt for the access point continues!