Been without internet for around 7 weeks now, what's the solution?

  • 23 August 2017
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Hi everyone,

We recently moved to Netherlands and applied for a t-mobile home connection on 20 July, opted for fiber connection which my area already has in Ijburg, I was told that it will be connected by 4 Aug as I requested to skip the thinking period of 2 weeks.

Then on 4th August I was told it'll be done by 14th August, then on 14th August it was said it'll be connected on 22 August.

Today is 23rd Aug and I still haven't heard from anyone, the modem package has not arrived and neither has anyone returned my emails since yesterday.

We do _NOT_ have internet at our home as this is our first internet connection here in Amsterdam.

Please tell me what to do in this situation?

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Hi vishu,

This doesn't sound right! I'm sorry to read that your order has been postponed twice already! I really want to help you out. Could you give me your zipcode, house number and the last four digits of your bank account in a privébericht? I'll look into it for you and help where I can!
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Hi vishu,

Thanks for your message and tweet! I hope we can work it out and you'll have our services soon. :)

We'll keep in contact.
Hi Sander,

I have sent some more info about my conversation with Reggefiber on twitter, please take a look.