Te veel records gevonden voor de verstrekte details

  • 18 September 2023
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Good afternoon,

few days ago I placed my first order in Odido. At the end of the order creation, the web site suggested me to add my order in mjin Odido to better understand the status of it and to follow all the steps. I did it without problems. Unfortunately, because of some selection errors in my order, I called the customer service, they cancelled my order and a new one got created with the right selections. Using the new number I had the intention to add it in mijn Odido as I did with the previous one but every time I try I get an error message saying the following:

Too many records found
Found too many records for the details provided

My account number is correct


Can anyone who has access to the system fix this bug? It looks like the DB contains my account twice. Can the previous order be removed and can the new one be added in mijn Odido directly? Thank you in advance




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Hey @Christian Zerial, welcome to our community!
I can indeed easily solve this for you. This message is because the IBAN number appears too often in our system. We can solve this by entering a temporarily different IBAN number. After that, you can link your account and change the IBAN number back. Can you send me a private message with another active bank account number? Then I will fix this for you! 

I don’t have another active  bank account number. Is there any other way to fix it? Maybe just deleting my previous old record with my account since it’s referring to a not existing order?

Ik heb hetzelfde probleem, kan ik geholpen worden, heb dit telefonisch doorgegeven en zou teruggebeld worden, omdat ze het niet konden oplossen en ik 24 uur moest wachten voor het werkt, we zijn bijna 4 dagen verder, is niet gebeurd 🙁..