• 12 August 2019
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Hi Team,

My name is Nitish Srivastava and I initiated TMobile internet connection on 11 July. My client number is WRP19690. It has been almost 1 month and no internet is installed. I keep on contacting TMobile customer care almost daily with chat and no one gave me any update. I was always asked to connect with Reggie Fiber who is supposed to install the cable at my home. When I connect with Reggie Fiber they use to say they do not have any idea and it can take upto 12 weeks. I cannot wait that long for the internet, all my work is stalled because of this.

I really am disappointed with this service. I contacted TMobile for the connection and it is not my duty to follow up with Reggie Fiber. I have already waited for a month and I simply cannot take this anymore.

I called TMobile customer care and have asked to cancel my subscription. I cannot wait any longer for my internet connection. If it is not done please cancel my service right away. This was my first experience with TMobile but sadly I got disappointed.

Appreciate your help.



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Hi @nitishsr, thanks for contacting us! As I can see your order at T-Mobile Thuis has been cancelled. I'm sad to see you leave. If you ever change your mind, we will be here welcoming you with open arms! ❤️

He had a contract with tele2 and went to tmobil and now he is odido I spoke to tele2 to cancel my contract a few months ago and I still have no response, the internet is horrible, communication is zero and I'm already fed up, I need someone to solve this for me once and for all 

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Hi @sandraholanda 

I answered your private message. Please send me a response so I can help you.