Volker Wessels is not scheduling appointment for fiber installation

  • 12 December 2023
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Good Morning


I have been an Odido (T-Mobile) fiber internet customer for years in my current rental (on my landlord’s name) and it’s been simply great. Awesome speed, great latency on the fiber network. Installation a couple of years ago was a breeze and professionally done. Top service!


Now i am moving to a new address within the same city (Den Haag), just 2 km away from my old address. It was obvious that I will get Odido for my new address as a loyal customer.


27 November I ordered a new 1 Gbit/sec line for my new address which was confirmed by Odido and the estimated operational date (during ordering) was shown as 18 December. I leaned back and waited for the same excellent service happen as on did my current address.


Well, I waited for 2 weeks and nothing happened. I knew the fiber operator has to schedule an appointment with me but since nothing happened I called Odido. The customer service lady was very nice and told me that indeed they are waiting for the fiber operator (Volker Wessels) to install the FTU in my home and i should give them a call to see what’s going on. This was already strange for me as I am in a contractual relationship with Odido and not Volker Wessels so why should I call them ? I gave them a call on 8 December and it turns out they need to do a “special survey” since my house is not a standalone home (it’s a multi-story building so people live above me). The lady was also very nice and promised that back office will call me to make an appointment…..and you guessed it right : they didn’t call….


So my questions to the community and Odido experts :

  1. Why do i need to keep pushing the fiber operator for an install date ? I am not in a contractual relationship with them, they are a subcontractor of Odido as far as I can see
  2. Why is Volker Wessels not scheduling an appointment ? I see fiber installation activity for other apartments ongoing on my street which have the exact same multi-story building situation as I have. Talking to them, they didn’t need a special survey like I was told I need.
  3. Can something be done to start enjoying the aforementioned great service of Odido FiberGlass Internet asap ? I am really used to it and now I feel deprived not having it.

Thank you for reading my post and sharing your wisdom with me.

Have a good day !



Tommie van Odido 7 maanden geleden

Hey @FLT1976, welcome to our Community!
Good of you to raise the alarm for this. I immediately went to check for you and indeed see that VWT has yet to install the FTU. At the moment, I see no further information in my system and have decided to pass this on to our Fiber department. They will look into it for you and will contact you by phone. 

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@Jason van Odido  - thank you for following up. I will send a reminder tomorrow.


@paul1966 - ODF is indeed nice and knowledgeable. For me keeping the old wasn’t an option as I moved to a new house but I wanted to stick to Odido as i had a superb experience in the past.

Fingers crossed for a quick solution as I am getting cranky after 3 months of Iphone sharing / mobile internet vouchers.

@Demi van Odido and @Jason van Odido - I received an email that the media converter is on its way and will be delivered today. Hopefully it’s activated and i can start enjoying my Fiber Internet today.

I will report back later today.

Have a good day!

@Demi van Odido , @Jason van Odido , @Tommie van Odido - i have the new media converter and it’s connected. However there is no Internet.

The PON indicator (Green light) is blinking quickly. 

Manual says that it means it’s trying to connect to the OLT. As far as I know, OLT is ISP equipment so it’s on Odido’s end.

Please help me figure this out as I am out of ideas.

Thank you


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Hi @FLT1976 Thank you for letting us know! I see that the system hasn't marked the new media converter as delivered yet, so the new media converter isn't registered. Don't worry I registered the new media converter now. This change will take up to a few minutes. Can you let me know if it's working after 15/20 minutes? Thanks! 

I called Odido Customer Service and they were able to help me or maybe you did some magic :). I have a working connection now.


Thank you for all your efforts so far, shows the power of the Odido community.



Thank you @Demi van Odido , much appreciated. It’s working now.

Once again, kudos to everyone who helped me in the process. Truly amazing Odido community we have here!



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@FLT1976 You're very welcome, I'm happy that this solved the issue for you! 😁