No internet at home, red light in modem

  • 21 September 2022
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Hi @Sbalram, thank you so much for the effort! I can't really see the lights on the ONT now. Can you please describe the lights on the ONT for me (Power, PON, LOS and LAN)? That would be great. 

Los light is not glowing, other lights (power, pon and lan) are green not blinking, does this help?

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Hi @Sbalram, really good question! I want to ask you to keep an eye on the topic down below: 

As soon as we will give the update that the problem is fixed and your connection is also online again, then you can cancel the appointment with Guidion. If not, please keep the appointment. Great that you managed to bring the appointment forward! 😊

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You should have a working internet connection then, check if the internet cable is going to the WAN port of the router, you could also try to remove the power from the converter for a bit.

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This definitely helps @Sbalram! 💪 I immediately sent a request to our technician service Guidion. You will receive an email or text message with the appointment tool. Fingers crossed that they can come by real soon to fix this for you. 

Hi, the latest appointment is only available for 3rd October it's 2 weeks later , is there anyway you can resolve this sooner? This impacts working from home :(

@Lisa i dont see the internet down in the link you shared and my internet is backonline from past 2 days .. Shall i cancel the appointment with Guidion now ?

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Hi @Sbalram, thanks for notifying! We deleted the notification, because the issues in the Meern are solved. I'm really happy to see that you're still online, so yes - you can cancel the appointment with Guidion. 

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Hi @Sbalram, I really hoped that they could come earlier! My advice is to call to Guidion to ask if there maybe is a spot sooner. Unfortunately it’s really busy at the moment at Guidion. Are you available every moment of the day? If so, I would also love to call for you. Please let me know that if Guidion can’t come by any sooner, I will provide you with extra Unlimited Data vouchers. 

Yes, pls call when possible..