No Fiberoptic connection after 4 months

  • 2 June 2023
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Hello, I purchased a subscription at 4th of February. At that time, your website indicated that I have fiberoptics in my area. But ever since then conenction date is postponed each month. And now I can’t even see the date! When will this connection take place? This is the 3rd time I am asking this question!

4 reacties

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Hi @hearstfy, I immediately sent out a status inquiry to the Fiber Optic department. As soon as I have more information, you will hear from me! 😄

Hi @Ishana still no updates?

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Hi @hearstfy, the fiber optic department was unable to reach you, but they did pass on information: This is a high-rise house, so we have to wait until the subcontractor contacts the customer. At this moment we can therefore only wait and see. Greetings, Ishana

Hi @Ishana , my addressee is T-Mobile, not any kind of subcontractor. If you advertise that I have fiberoptics then have it connected. If you have problems with subcontractors, then solve them, these are not my problems. If your subcontractor can not handle the workload then stop advertising that you provide fiberoptics, again, this is not my problem.

I want you to contact subcontractor and push them. 

PS: If your fiber department calls once and when they can’t reach me, they should call again. I do not recognize every single phone number.