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  • 11 September 2020
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My home internet installation was yesterday but due to a problem with KPN infrastructure at last mile, line (service) is down. The technician said that a ticket will be raised through T-Mobile back-office with KPN for fix (which will take 2-3 working days by KPN) is there anything I can do to speed up things.
I still didn't get official update (mail/sms) from T mobile about this  .. is there an English support number or mail for contact ?


Beste antwoord door Cheyenne van Odido 13 September 2020, 12:47

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Hi @mostafaibrahi, welcome to T-Mobile Thuis and our Community! I am here to help. Luckily I can see that the technician already made a ticket for KPN. It is now up to KPN to contact you to make an appointment. What I will try, is that this ticket will receive some urgency, so that they will contact you ASAP. Please keep an eye on your phone, as they will call you or send a text. Thanks in advance for you patience!

@Cheyenne  Thanks a lot for your help !

It's Wednesday 16 sep, almost a week passed without internet nor even a formal update when service will be up. I have planned on internet installation last Thursday and till now I have paid around 90 euro for mobile data bundles .

Can someone from customer service provide an update on the current situation (mail/sms/call) ?

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Hi @mostafaibrahi, it’s currently taking a bit longer then usual but I expect you will be contacted any time now, apologies for the delay!