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  • 9 September 2020
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Hello. I would like to ask then Thuis internet abonement  will be activated. Yesterday was installation day. Today is starting day of new abonement. But still not activated.

Thank you


Beste antwoord door Cal van Odido 10 September 2020, 14:32

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Hello @kalgaris 

Your talking about DSL right?

Are you using the DSL cable that came with the modem and is it connected from the main ISRA where the KPN cable also enters to the DSL port of your modem?

Maybe you could attach a photo of the installation?


Unfortunately I cant make a picture of ISRA. Its locked by house owner with all electricity mainframe. 

I change provider, so all cables I left how it was before. It should be ok there. I just see in my T-Mobile Thuis account what my abonement stil “Je aanvraag is in behandeling”. So, I guess problem not in cables yet.

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Hi @kalgaris, great that you inform us about the issue you're experiencing. Based on the information you've given, I suspect that you ordered your subscription on the ‘wrong’ address, and that likely the locked ISRA near the electricity mainframe is activated instead of the one in your house.

My suspicion is based on the following: your current order is for adres X (adres remains private for privacy reasons) without any addition, whilst there are 8 possible additions for adres X. This usually means that adres X is in a central place of the building, whilst the additions go to all the separate houses / rooms in the building. You can easily check out what I mean by entering your zip code and house number in the following publicly accessible system:

Therefore I would advise you to check if you either forgot the addition, or if you used one of these additions with the previous provider. Please let me know as soon as possible, so that I can direct the line operator straight away!

Thank you very much for answer, Cal.

You are right, it`s more separate internet connections in building.

After reading your post I reconnect DSL cable from T-Mobile modem to my previous provider modem ( luckily few days left in old subscription) and I got internet. So, correct me, if I wrong. If T-Mobile signal would be connected to right network address I could not to use old provider internet? How is exactly works? 

I am waiting now answer from old previous provider about which addition I use. Or maybe any suggestion how to find out in other way? 

Hello again

I got answer, what my subscription from previous provider was/is connected to address without additions. Not sure is it correct answer, because that question seems complicated and difficult even for customer service employees. 

Anyway, that is what I got at present moment. On cable where should be T-Mobile new ordered connection I still have old expiring signal from other provider.

If make appointment for T-Mobile technician, it can be done after 2 weeks. Any solutions? 

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Hey @kalgaris,

Thanks for all the information, and sorry that I was not able to get back to you sooner. Although it is theoretically possible, usually the modem of the old provider does not work anymore once we take over the internet line, and thus this is a likely indicator that we have taken over a different line instead of the one you're using. 

Does your official have any additions or do you officially life on number 14? If you check the website I sent, there's a certain structure in the additions (all increase with 2). Maybe your neighbors know which additions they're using and this allows you to deduce which addition should apply to your address. 

Alternatively, but this really depends on how knowledgeable the employee of the other provider is that you're speaking, you could ask for the service ID of your internet line. This is sort of an identification number which allows us to identify a specific internet line with which we could look up the ‘right’ address.

Honestly, the technician of Guidion won't be able to do anything for you if the connected address is indeed incorrect. However, if you are unable to uncover which address you should be using, I would advise you to have the Guidion technician come by. He'll be able to rule out some other possible problems, and we need his report in order to request the line operator to send someone down to check it out. Hopefully you'll manage to uncover the right connection address, because it would be much faster and I want to do everything within my power to get you connected as soon as possible!


Building owner( I say building, because on ground floor business of the owner) has internet, but he dont know nothing about those addition. Neighbors do not have internet at present time. So, at this moment only 2 internet connections in the building. Mine and owner.

I got some number from previous provider. And really not sure about it. 1481919 Let me know how exactly technically I can name what number what we need if that not right number. 

I got appointment with technician at Wednesday. But if he will not help, its sad. 

Maybe the best option is to cancel this subscription.

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Hi @kalgaris, thanks for the information! I'm absolutely certain, just like my colleague Cal is, that the issue will be resolved once KPN tests and labels the ISRA.

Just to be on the safe side first, we'll wait on the appointment with Guidion before stating our reasoning's definitely correct. If Guidion can't fix it, Cal will if arrange testing and labeling on Thursday, and you'll hear from KPN on Thursday or Friday at the latest. 

Hello again

Yes, Guidion technician couldnt fix issue. He find what installation is correct, internet signal is incoming. He said only KPN technician can fix problem. Can be arranged this appointment, then you said Thursday/Friday?

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Hey @kalgaris,

Thanks for the feedback! I've just had contact with KPN and they'll try to contact you today to make an appointment, and if they aren't able they'll contact you tomorrow at latest. This task requires a little more work than their usual assignments, but on average a KPN technician will be able to come by within 24 hours. Be aware that they call with an anonymous number.if there's anything else, feel free to let me know. Please let me know the outcome, I'm curious what the ‘correct’ address is supposed to be and hopefully they'll contact you soon! 

Hello. Thank a lot. Of, course I will inform you. 

I got appointment at Saturday morning. And I guess finally I got right service ID from previous provider. Is it to late or its still can be useful? Should I share this ID here? 

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Hi @kalgaris,

I'm delighted to read that the KPN technician was able to uncover the service ID and that he was able to change your connection! Right now you're fully enjoying our internet. :smile: Thanks that you were also able to uncover the service ID, but we needed KPN to change it up anyways so the KPN technician of yesterday was the only and fastest way to solve it.

Please be aware that any new neighbors who move in might choose the same address as you did, and in that case we'll be obligated to hand over the connection. Don't worry, we'll always inform when this happens, and we'll be able to give a possible to dispute the takeover. However the most effective way would be to warn new neighbors about the different registration of the internet lines, as it will prevent a lot of hassle.

I'm very glad that we were able to solve the mystery. If there's anything else, feel free to let me know. I wish you a lot of fun with our internet!

Thanks a lot Cal. 

I am very glad too what finally this story is over. I have learn new technical things about connections and maybe in the future it will be useful. 

Of course, I will keep in mind about new neighbors or current ones if they will decide order internet line.

Thanks again and I hope I will not get new issues in the future.