Can't enter French phone number into contact info

  • 2 October 2018
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We're moving to Amsterdam soon, and so we decided to subscribe to T-Mobile Home.
After finishing the subscription, we were told that we would be contacted by phone for the installation, but we don't have a Dutch phone number, and we're unable to enter the +33 required to call french number from other countries.
What should we do, or is there something T-Mobile can do?

Note that we would like to avoid calling as we'll get extra costs to call Netherlands from France.

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Hi @FlorentB_FR

Thanks for choosing T-Mobile Thuis! You won't regret it. It is a challenge without a Dutch number though. It's compulsory, but I'd like to think out of the box and search for possibilities!

I think the best option for you is to ask your new landlord or friends to use their mobile number for our order. If they get a call from us, they can relay the message to you. If that's not an option, you could buy a Dutch pre-paid (T-Mobile of course!) and use that number. You can put the sim in an old telephone.

I hope that helps. Will you let me know how it works out or if you have any questions? 🙂