• 21 May 2023
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Hello All.

Last week I switched from Ziggo to T Mobile. Glasvezel with symmetrical download and upload. 

The internet worked perfect but suddenly on Friday, LOS starts blinking red and no internet. Now its Sunday and not fixed yet. I see stories where people have to wait for 2-4 weeks to get it fixed.

With Ziggo, in 9 years , no outage.

I also see that this problem is from Wijkkast, where an technician by accident pull out the connection. So all T-Mobile has to do is to plug it in. 

Does anybody have an idea how to fix it? quickly?

I placed a ticket on Friday but didnt hear nything from T Mobile or Guidion.


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Hello @Maaz 

Does removing the power from the mediaconverrer for a bit help? You can also look in your My T-Mobile account under storingen to see if there is a storing on your address.

Could you add a picture of the Fiber connection point and mediaconverter on 1 photo? So we can see if there is a fault in the home installation or not.




I restarted several times media converter and router but no help

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Try loosening the yellow patchcable where it is folded so the Fiber signal can go through easier.

Just tried loosened fiber cables. Then rebooted media converter and same red led los.

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Was this installed by the Guidion engineer? Doesn't feel to professional. But if there are no tight loops and still not werking, than the t-mobile technical will create a service visit from Guidion and you can ask him to make this better. 

Yes a guidion technician came on 12 may. Took him only 5 minutes. One week it worked and now suddenly down. Can you make a guidion technician visit to our house asap? 

I saw some forums and it says the problem is usually in wijkkast nearby. Someone unplugs the cable and then forgets to plug it back in.


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Yes, that senerio is possible,  but there quite some more.  The trouble shooting starts at the frontdesk and than remove via the technische dienst.  If needed, the technische dienst will arrange guidion will be asked for a visit. That is not arrranged by this forum. The technische dienst only work during business hours and have max 5 werking days to take the needed action.

Thank you very much for all the support. The dilemma is that internet is now part of the every day life. Work from home, kids using internet for study are something that cannot be replaced. The only thing i can think of is that t mobile improve its service to one day fixing and not 2 weeks. Most of the cases can be solved only in 30 minutes by the technician. 

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When you have a t-mobile,  Ben or Tele2 mobile subscription,  a Moderator can give you a voucher for 7 days real unlimited mobile data. So with a wifi hotspot on your phone, you can have data on all needed devices.

I dont have t mobile sim. The sim cost 10 euro as well which in principle should be deducted from my next invoice. Then i can order a t mobile sim

Can you please also send me a voucher for unlimited internet? Just to calm the kids who asked ne a 100 times since Friday about when the internet be fixed...

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Hi @Maaz , the solution only works when you have a werking  t-mobile,  Tele2 or Ben sim. Once you have one, a moderator can help you. They can not send simcards out.

If i order one myself, will i be reimbursed for it? I see in the forum that many people were reimbursed in the next month invoice

Day 5 of No internet:

  • Problem still persists
  • No one contacted from T Mobile and Guidion installers to solve the problem, even lodged complaint 5 days ago
  • Still waiting for voucher  for free internet


Any clue by anybody?

Does anybody else have this issue in Amsterdam zuidoost or venserpolder?

Day 6: no internet. Nobody contacted from T mobile or Guidion. Helpless situation. 

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Hi @Maaz, thank you for keeping this topic up to date. I am sorry for the silence! I can see that our technical department was busy with an investigation. Today they made the decision to send a specific technician to your home to fix the issue. Guidion will contact you today to make an appointment. There is a possibility that Guidion will need to send the gris operator, but with the connection you have, Guidion will always need to come by first. Will you keep this topic up to date? When the line is restored, I will make sure that the costs of the subscription we be compensated!

Hi Cheyenne


Thanks alot. Guidion just contacted and i made an appointment for tomorrow. I will keep this thread updated until T mobile internet is back to its glory.

The technian from Guidion came here today, when he saw RED Los he said that this is a problem from outside. Most probably in Wijkkast where someone unplugged our internet cable and forgot to plug is back. He told me that he can fix it in Wijkkast but he is not allowed by Open Dutch Fiber or KPN who manages Wijk kast. He also said it is a waste of time for everybody and should take 5 minutes to fix rather than several weeks.


I would request T Mobile to send someone to the WijkKast and fix it there, hopefully it will not take long.

I read many others have the same problem that was traced to Wijkkast.

Day 7: 

Problem not fixed. T Mobile to send someone to fix it in Wijkkast which should have been done on Day1 as this is the same problem happening to many others. 

Waiting for the final fix. Lets hope they fix it tomorrow. 

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Hi @Maaz, thanks for keeping this topic up to date. Please know that the grid operator will contact you as soon as possible. To help you out, I've asked the technical department you push this case as far as they can, so you will be contacted ASAP!