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  • 31 October 2021
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Hi all, I have last couple of months problems with watcing videos on all platforms via wifi ( youtube, instagram etc).

Videos are not loading at all, to watch video of 1m it takes 10 mins for example to load and watch till the end.

I have optical internet in my hause, 100/100. Any speed test shows good speed up/down.

Modem is Vigor 2132F. Since this is only 2.4G GHz modem I added ubiquity UAP-AC-lite to have 5GHz.  But problem is still there. Vigor is still acting as my default gateway and ubiquity is my only wifi access point. Wifi on Vigor is disabled.

Even when I remove ubiquity and have wifi only with Vigor problem is still there.

If I don’t find solution I’m thinking to go change provider after 4 years with Tmobile since this is very annoying.

Any suggestions?



Beste antwoord door Jason van Odido 3 November 2021, 09:34

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Hello @zulusurfer 

Do you experience this problem only on your phone or does it occur on other phones and tablets aswell? Did you also test this via a wired connection?

When you watch via 4G for example does the problem persist or not?

Hi @Waqqas,

problem is on phones, tablets. When I switch phone to Tmobile 4G it works perfectly,  video is loading immediately till the end.



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Have you tried a factory reset of the Draytek by pressing the reset button on the back of your modem for about 10 seconds with a small needle for example?

Yes, I tried this doesn’t change nothing.

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Hi @zulusurfer, welcome to the Community!

Can you please add your Thuis customer number (“klantnummer” in Dutch) and your email address to your Community profile? That way I’ll be able to analyze your connection and offer a solution. Please add the email address which you’ve used to register on the My T-Mobile Thuis account.

My hunch leans towards an issue with either your home wifi-network or an issue with the Draytek modem. If it turns out to be the latter, then a modem replacement will be the solution.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation! I’m absolutely positive we’ll find the fix soon.


@Jason I added my customet number, however I don’t see option to update my email address. Will customer number will be enough for you?


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@zulusurfer Thanks so much! I think you accidentally added your mobile customer number, Thuis always start with three letters, followed by five numbers, if that helps! 😊 For example: ABC12345.

@Jason I added what was under:



This is only customer number that I could find when I login into My Thuis.

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@zulusurfer Ah my sincerest apologies, I wasn’t clear enough! 

When you’re logged in, navigate to the tab “Mijn gegevens”, then you’ll find your Thuis customer number to the right of the “Jouw klantnummer:” text.


Hi @Jason , no problem :) I have updated profile now with correct number.

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@zulusurfer Thanks so much, now I can perform a thorough line analysis! 😄

There are no noticeable faults or errors regarding the main connection. Could you try and disconnect the UAP-AC-lite and turn on the wifi on the Draytek, please?

If you still experience issues with the Draytek’s wifi, I’ll swap the Draytek for a Zyxel modem. That way you won’t have to use the UAP and can turn on bandsteering. With bandsteering your devices will automatically connect to either 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz, depending on the distance and coverage.

Hi @Jason , it has been done. Only Draytek is active now.

@Jason do you have any update for me? 

These days I’m using a lot of video calls from home, so keeping 2.4G gives me problems.

What is procedure to get Zyxel straight away?

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Hi @zulusurfer ,

No worries, I've made sure the swap has been made straight away. The Zyxel modem with the option of 5Ghz in bandsteering, is on your way. When we dispatch it to you, you'll receive tracking information to see if it's on it's way. The old Draytek can be shipped to an E-waste point. We've created a handy topic to describe what to do with the devices: 

Please let us know if you have any questions. I'm sure the Zyxel modem will do it’s job fine! 

Hi @Boris , thanks for quick and promt response. I hope Zyxel will give much better experiance.

For now no question from my side about this topic.


Thanks to @Jason  as well.