Will T Mobile work for my apartment?

  • 24 May 2023
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I live in Almere, 1334 BM.

In early 2022, I took Ziggo. After receiving the devices, I couldn't install it myself. Then Ziggo technician came and he spent quite a few hours to set up everything.

I have attached photos of my current internet setup. The router had to be  set in the apartment switchboard outside in the lobby. As the wifi speed was slow, I was given three wifi boosters, too.

Question: Will T-Mobile work for my apartment?


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Hello @mochow13 

If you are able to order T-Mobile then it should be possible, what is the box where the orange cable goes in? Looks like a Fiber connection point.


Hi @Waqqas, dankuwel for your reply! I attached a photo of the box where the orange cable comes from.

I guess I can then order T-Mobile to replace my Ziggo? I am not familiar with the process. How would the do the switch? Will there be a possible downtime of connectivity? 

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Fiber from T-Mobile should be possible at your address, than you can decide to lay an internet cable to your appartment and install the router there or use a wireless system.

If you use the overstapservice then there should be no downtime, maybe a few hours.