Why does activation take so long

  • 12 November 2020
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I just signed up for a standard DSL service and cant connected  before 10 business days!!, with the current environment forcing everyone to work from home why can’t a line not be activated quicker!


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4 reacties

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When you order a DSL connection than the fastest date is about 2 weeks from the moment you order. This time is needed to make the line to your house ready.

There are cases in which the line can be activated earlier, but don't expect that your line can be activated in a few days.

How about 6 or even 7 days so I can work after I move houses?

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How about 6 or even 7 days so I can work after I move houses?

That can be achieved in some cases, I am not a moderator but if your line can be activated earlier they'll surely let you know.

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Hi, we'd have loved to connect everyone much quicker than the roughly two weeks which are currently needed. We would actually only need a couple of days, but the grid operator has problems with acting sooner. I've tried to speed the administrative progress, and you'll soon receive the plandate from us. Hopefully I was able to make sure that the grid operator can connect you quickly, and I'm looking forward to the day on which you'll be able to enjoy our internet services!