Where is my installation package?

  • 18 May 2020
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Dear T-mobile in 1999,

Sorry for English as my Dutch is short.

 I reported moving plan a house last March of 2020. My first appointment date was 7th of May but installation package was not delivered on time. 
My second appointment date is tomorrow 19th of May. But installation package? No not yet!. Where is it? I had to cancel appointment with guidion again. 
I may have to wait another two weeks from now on. But this is also not sure. Who can guarantee that package will be delivered in time?
I have asked to client service many times but it was not helpful. They are just saying "wait and we cannot check, you will have trace and track code sooooon"... "We made a note".....
In the meantime, I am just sitting in front of PC and make a connection with hotspot from my mobile phone.

What a funny situation? T-mobile thuis is operating in 19 centuries? Nowadays when you order something today,  package will be delivered by tomorrow. What is matter with your TMS?
I cannot believe such a big company like you is not handling this issue for a many years.

And also when I checked my t-mobile thuis order status, my internet connection was activated from 7th of May. What a ridiculous information.....please fix this as well.

last time one of your client service operator gave ma a voucher(thanks for that) only for me. I had to share with all family. 
And my wife bought a 5 Giga byte additional bundle from t-mobile.
Please provide t-mobile free unlimited internet for my family(my and my wife are using t-mobile.) asap, if possible.

Sorry about all the complaining about this situation but nowadays, I am working at home. This is really uncomfortable.

Sincerely yours,

Guyeon Jung 


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Hey @Guyeon,

I'm really sad to hear that you haven't received the installation package yet. I've directly escalated this problem for you. You don't have to worry about the costs, as soon as we've solved this problem for you, we'll make sure that you receive the costs back. Just contact us when your online. So sorry for the inconvenience!

In the meantime, I will provide you an Unlimited voucher so you can stay online with your family via your mobile phone, which you can then use as a hotspot to connect your other devices. Our sincere apologies once again, but help is on the way!