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  • 6 October 2020
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I was told that I could expect to receive an email regarding the internet installation process to be ready by week 40 of 2020, but I have not received word yet at all.
Is there anyone who can at least give me an update on the situation or something that can give me the status of the people working on this?

I have recently moved into my studio apartment yet I haven’t really “lived” in it due to the absence of an internet connection.

Thanks in advance for your reply.



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Hi @kurtlopez, welcome to the Community and pleased to hear you've joined our Fiber-brigade! 

I understand my colleague from Customer Supports has informed you about the KPN NetwerkNL phone number, is that correct? According to the most recent update, you may call them to make an appointment. Please let me know if that works out, otherwise I'll be more than happy to help!


That’s correct. I have managed to get some help regarding the installation of a “white box” for the orange wires. Hopefully I hear from them soon.

I do have a question I would like to ask you.
Once I get that “white box” installed, will you guys be notified immediately so that I can receive the package with the modem and stuff? Or do I have to make a phone call in order to get that sorted?


I would really like to get things moving as soon as possible so I can finally settle in my new home.
I have been renting it for about 2 months already, but I never actually stayed for too long due to the fact school started shortly after I had moved in. I’ve been staying over a friend’s place even though I technically have a studio apartment… But I digress!


Thanks in advance.


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@kurtlopez Ah that's awesome, great to hear! 

Regarding your question: yes that's correct. We'll be notified straight away, but just to be sure, I'll monitor your customer profile and order status.

I completely understand that you want to have a working Fiber-connection asap and I promise we'll see to that.

On a side note: do you by chance have a T-Mobile sim card? Prepaid and subscription both work. If you do, I can send you a voucher code via private message. That way you'll be able to use your mobile hotspot for seven days without interruption (it comes with an Unlimited Internet package). Please let me know, if you do!

Have an amazing weekend and stay safe!

I am currently still in a contract with Tele 2 until next year, unfortunately…

But thank you very much for replying and hopefully everything goes well without anymore delay.


Have a nice weekend too, sir!


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Hi @kurtlopez, has the grid operator called you yet? It looks like the white box is ready to be fully installed. Could you please provide me with a photo of the FTU (Fiber main connection point)? I'll gladly forward your case to a colleague of mine who can thoroughly check the stability and readiness of the connection. 

I have yet to receive a phone call from anyone as of late. I did take a picture of the orange wire if that is what you’re are referring to. I will send it along with my reply.


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Hi @kurtlopez


Thanks for the photo! We sure need a mechanic to fully install the accesspoint. I see that it's already been planned for this friday (23-10-2020 11:00). Hasn't the gridoperator contacted you? If not, you can expect them this friday to complete the installation. When that has happened and we're notified (usually a few days), we'll make an appointment with our mechanic (from Guidion) to install our modem. From that date you'll be online again with fiberspeeds!

I have not yet been informed that they would be coming this Friday, but thank you very much for letting me know. I will make sure I am home at that time.

Thanks again!

Is it also possible to get notified when I will be receiving the installation package? or maybe if I could just pick it up at a T-Mobile shop in Enschede?

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Hi @kurtlopez, we'll send you a Track & Trace code via email, once the installation package has left our distribution center. That usually occurs within 24 to 48 hours from delivery. Unfortunately it's not possible to pick up the package at T-Shop.

No worries though, download the PostNL app from the Playstore/Appstore! Fill in your zip code and the soon to be sent Track & Trace and you'll be able to check up on the status of your package 24/7.

Good morning.

I just arrived at my studio apartment and I took a look inside the closet again. It looks like there is a white box installed on the side, but maybe it's not the right one? So I'll wait it out a bit since you did tell me there would be someone coming over at 11. 

I will attach a picture of my closet today.


Good morning again.

I just got off the phone with KPN network. I was told that the plans they made for today is just an estimate or something supposedly. So I think that means no one is coming over to fully install the access point. :(

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Hi @kurtlopez,


Thanks for being proactive and calling them. If today at 11:00 is an estimate, couldn't they immediately schedule an actual appointment? If not, then perhaps they could give some kind of indication. Of course, T-Mobile and you as our customer want to complete the installation as quickly as possible, so I hope they can be transparant about this. I hope they'll contact you soon for an actual appointment! 



Good evening.

Just wanted to let you know that KPN finally installed the white box for the fiberglass connection. Everything should be ready for the modem installation I believe. I just need to receive the package and make one last appointment.

Kind regards,

Kurt L.

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Hi @kurtlopez We’ve received confirmation from the grid operator today and the order for our mechanic has been sent out. You will receive a message for an appointment very shortly!