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  • 21 November 2022
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Sorry for English as my Dutch is short.

Here is time-line of my moving.

24th of Sep I moved out.

26th of Sep supposed to start my new subscription only for the Internet. But not.

26th of Oct finally I got a internet connection. New subscription started.

And now I would like to returning my old tv- settop box.

Is it ok that I returning it now? Am I too late? 

When I logged into my account. it asked me to pay 90Euro. It is really annoying that I could not use internet for a month and now I have to pay 90 euro for this?

my information below.

Klantnummer: XXXX


Thank you in advance.


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Hi @Guyeon, thanks for informing about the options! Can you please send us the remaining TV Box to the return address? I'll make sure the TV Box will then be deregistered from your account - that way you won't receive an unnecessary fee! 😉