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  • 12 October 2020
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I have moved to new house and normally there would be internet from 22nd Ocotober(appointment with technician) but can you start my connection earlier ? I am an Enginerre and I have connected everything by myself (I understand the risk of warranty)

can you please start my connection as soon as possible ?

Thanks :)


Beste antwoord door Waqqas 12 October 2020, 12:07

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Hello @amitw 

Your line will be active on the date mentioned in your T-Mobile thuis account and not when the technician comes.

If the moderators can get you online earlier they'll surely let you know 🙂

hello @Waqqas,

Thanks for your answer, it is 9th of October, I have called T mobile but they said the line is busy by previous owner for the same house and asked me to contact KPN. Let’s see I am contacting KPN now.

it is not busy by preovis owner i confirmed that but still line is not clear according to T-mobile. i have no internet and it is very frustrating I cant even work from home.



After contacting KPN they said following,



Can you please suggest, What should I do now?

Moderator edit: it's not allowed to post a chat-session on such a private matter in a public topic. The image has been deleted. Also: there's highly sensitive information readable in said chat.

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Please wait for a moderator to reply, they can send out a ticket to KPN to check the line going to your house.