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  • 19 November 2020
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Honestly, i had no clue whats going on now. I made appointment, guy come like 3hours before time (and he was not really happy he wait by door) so i wasnt home, my boyfriend was , he let hhim come in, guy install everything, said than internet will be after 24h and after 5 min he done. Later I received the report by e-mail and it says I agree to wifi plus, but is not true. Of course i want cancel that! Also, internet still not working  and someone call me to make appointment (i received also mail from and when i was ask exactly what this person will do, thay say than i need to contact with tmobile. I was try but of course everything is busy and by texy, only dutch. I cant log in on tmobile thuis, so now i had no idea whats going on?!??!


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Hi @jdxniels, welcome to the Community!

Unfortunately your connection isn't working yet, the technician couldn't fix the issue straight away so that's why the grid operator (KPN NetwerkNL) called you to make another appointment. Please make an appointment, that way the Fiber-line will be fixed and you will finally have a stable connection. 

By the way, you stated that the technician arrived three hours prior to the agreed upon timeslot, are you absolutely certain? I've checked with his report and it says he arrived around 8:25 AM, well within the timeslot - 8 to 10 AM. It's not that important, but if they arrived too early I'd like to file a formal complaint on your behalf, if that's okay? 

You also noted that you can't log in to My T-Mobile Thuis, but that's because you haven't registered your account yet. Please use the following page to submit your registration (the link is clickable).