No network at Ermelo (installation)

  • 18 November 2020
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I’m new client of T-mobile with fiber internet, the installer installed the modem and router on 11/11/2020 and then he detected the problem, namely the data did not pass through the modem, although everything indicated that it was fine. He made a note to T-Mobile about the problem and told me to wait. Two days later I called T-Mobile and found out that they were aware of the problem and ... they told me to wait. I know that the lack of access to the Internet may obscure my point of view on the word "wait" but when can I expect any reaction, information or solution to the problem from T-mobile?

best regards


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Hi @Edi, I’ll gladly give you an update! Our technical team is already on it, there seems to be something wrong on our end. I don’t have an exact date for you at this time but we’ll get you online as quicky as possible! Apologies for the delay.

Hello @Brian 

Thank’s for “last week update”, i wonder if u can maybe give some info on this week? 

Still no internet at my house :sob::sob::sob:

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Good morning @Edi, unfortunately there hasn't been an update yet. The tech-guys are still checking whether the line can be fixed. Due to the networking technology being GPON, it seems like we can't complete the installation ourselves, that's why it's taking longer than usual. Also, our technicians are investigating the matter together with the grid operator (KPN NetwerkNL). They'll give an update once this investigation has been successfully processed. I sincerely hope that we'll be able to bring something more substantial to the table soon, but honestly I don't know yet. 

In the meantime: are you able to use a stable 4G mobile connection? If so, do you by chance happen to have a T-Mobile SIM card?

Hello @Jason thank you for the information, although it made me sad. A month has passed since the contract with Tmobile was signed and I honestly did not think it would take so long.

In answer to your question: the 4G network is stable in the area (thanks to it I have any contact with my family and friends but costs are very high :sweat: ) unfortunately I do not have a Tmobile SIM, only Lebara.
Can Tmobile offer me a solution to provide me with internet until the main problem is removed?

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Hi @Edi, I've finally got good news: the line has been fixed and Guidion will come by on December 8th to complete the installation. That will also be the date on which the monthly payment starts. With regards to the 4G network: please go to your nearest T-Shop, buy a prepaid SIM and send me your proof of purchase in this topic (with any personal details blackened of course). I will then ensure that you receive a refund of the purchase amount of € 10.00 on a subsequent invoice and that you receive a voucher from me by private message.

That will definitely provide you with a working connection until the 8th. Hope this helps!

Hi @Jason 

Many thanks for your interest in my case!
I bought a prepaid SIM but in a hurry I forgot my proof of purchase, never mind.
If I can ask, when you send me a message let me know if I can insert this card into my private router and it will work?

Regards Edi


TY for all help

much appreciated!

greets Edi

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Hi @Jason 

Many thanks for your interest in my case!
I bought a prepaid SIM but in a hurry I forgot my proof of purchase, never mind.
If I can ask, when you send me a message let me know if I can insert this card into my private router and it will work?

Regards Edi

Hi @Edi, sorry for the rather late response! I've sent you an Unlimited Internet voucher straight away, you can insert the prepaid SIM into a private router, as long as it supports the 4G-network.

You're very welcome, if there's anything else I can do, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for being so cooperative! 😄

Hello again @Jason .
Today I got a message from T-Mobile that my subscription start date is 12/8/2020, I also received a receipt for payment, all of that would be wonderful except ... I still don't have fiber optic internet :( :( :(
Guidion came to me on 08/12/2020 and they said that there is still no connection and I got a new voucher for 4G internet from T-mobile (which ends tomorrow).
Every day I restart both the modem and the router and check the connection but nothing comes of it, so once again I am asking for help.
Regards Edi

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Hi @Edi ,

No luck, it seems! 😔 I’ve checked out the situation and see that our technical department has measured that there’s no data being send through your connection. We’re currently investigating and solving the problem. My apologies for the inconvenience. If the voucher has expired, please send me a private message. I’ll send you one right away! Know that we’re working hard to get you online ASAP. Please let me know if you have any questions. We’re here for you!

Hello! @Boris@Jason 

I was wondering, maybe You got some good news for me?

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Hi @Edi We already had contact earlier through a private message. The issues in Ermelo have been solved for the most part except for 1 particular datacenter location. We’re still working hard to get that one back online as well, apologies for the inconvenience!

Hello again
I have another question, is it a normal T-Mobile policy that charges for a service that does not work?
It was taken from my bank account for FIBER INTERNET, which I do not have and T-Mobile claims that my subscription started on December 8, 2020.
Is there something I don't understand or know about, but it probably shouldn't be?

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Hi @Edi,


No worries! Of course you don't have to pay for a service when it doesn't work. That goes without saying. First we have to fix the situation and then we'll reimburse you for the period and the services affected. This means in most cases that first you'll pay and you'll receive a correction later on. Let us know in this topic when the sitaution is fixed, then I'll make sure the financial part is taken care of!

Hello everyone!

At the outset, I would like to thank you @Brian @Jason @Boris @Sander  for the help and good that you have shown me in this thread. After a long period of waiting, I am finally the happy owner of a fiber optic link :)

Coming back to your reply, @Sander , in my previous location in Ermelo, I did not use the fiber-optic internet because the fault was not removed during the period I lived there, and the new subscription started on 01/13/2021 in Putten where I currently live. If you need any further information please let me know.

Best regards to all of You