No internet for 19 days!

  • 19 January 2020
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We don't have internet for 19 days now. 

The problem turns out to be - wrong house number. We already have two contracts with T-mobile (one for SIM card and another for SIM + phone). You have our correct information in these contracts. You made a mistake in the third one and this is the only cause for this unacceptable delay.

Somebody forgot to put a letter E in our address next to the house number, and we've been going back and forth between T-mobile, Guideon and KPN. Dozens of phone calls worth nothing.

Two times you sent a technician. First one figured out the problem, and then you sent another one to waste our time and conclude the same. The second one was so nice to give us instructions what exactly to say to the operator when we call.

But it was no use, as your last solution was to completely cancel, and order new equipment, wait for 15 days, even though we have everything connected already! All we need is a signal to our socket. 

This is unacceptable. I don't blame any of the operators, but it was T-mobile sales person mistake to write the wrong address number. He did it correctly 10 minutes prior when I was buying the phone. At that point I thought there is no place for a mistake, since my information is in your system twice (SIM for over a year, and now new phone).

I am deeply disappointed and thinking about cancelling everything with T-mobile. My friends are advising me to do so. I will ask around on social media to gather more opinions.

I also keep on receiving automatic messages from T-mobile saying my bill is coming soon. For what?!


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