No internet connection for a month already

  • 14 December 2020
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Hi everyone,


Recently I decided to sign with T-Mobile for a fiber internet connection, everything was great until 19 of November when the mechanic came to connect everything, we do not have internet signal coming in, apparently because the line was occupied.


I called already I don't know how many times the T-Mobile support asking for help, and the answer is always the same, there is an order opened on 28 of November to solve the issue but they can't provide me a deadline, or even a status, the worst part is that seems like that no body knows what is happening!


Initially when the things started to go wrong it was something that was sent to KPN because the line was occupied, then KPN said everything was fine, and now seems like it is lost in a limbo on T-Mobile and I never get a concrete answer of what is happening neither a deadline when things are going to be fixed, I also think no body reads the extensive log of the problem.


I also can't believe there is no way to prioritize this, no way to put priority in the ticket, in the problem, I have 2 device loans, 2 lines on T-Mobile I should be a customer to keep but seems like there is no interest.


With this poor support lack of feedback, that is hard, is there something we can do to solve this situation?


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Hi @leorossetto, I am very sorry for what is currently happening. Your internet should already have been connected, and the lack of clarity is regrettable. I have immediately instigated an inquiry into the issue, and I expect to be able to tell more about the issue in the coming hours, or by tomorrow at the latest. I will keep in touch with you, and we will try our utmost best to solve this as soon as possible!

Ok thanks, any update already?



I also received a link to do an appointment with Guideon, but everything is already connected here at my place, there is just something wrong that I don't get signal.

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Hey @leorossetto,

Don't worry, we are currently tackling everything at once to make sure the connection is established very quickly! We have already talked with the line operator, and the first possible date for them to active your internet line is coming Wednesday.

You are completely right in stating that the hardware should already be installed properly, but we didn't want you to wait longer in the event that the hardware needs small corrections. If you would rather not have a Guidion technician at your house, you can also plan the appointment for Monday the 28th (as I am not sure if you'll have an option for the Christmas days), and you can cancel the appointment by calling them or alerting me if everything works properly on Wednesday.

If there's anything else, please feel free to let me know, and I'll be more than happy to make arrangements for you!

Alright @Cal  so I should make the appointment?


I can perform the adjustments on the media converter, just need to know the switches.


Ps. I am a software engineer so I can handle technical stuff.

I work from home I can have the appointment at any time.

Can u also send me a voucher of free internet on this meantime 

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That is good to hear @leorossetto! In that case I don't think you'll need the technician, but some of them have access to the infrastructure of the network operator, so I'd personally advise you to make an appointment anyways as it is easier to cancel than to have to wait extra days in the event that it doesn't work.

With the SMS and email you received from Guidion, you can easily plan an appointment with Guidion via their digital agenda. Since we need to cancel Guidion 24 hours in advance, I would personally advise you to make an appointment on Monday the 28th (as I do not expect you to be able to make an appointment during Christmas at this point in time)

I have waited voucher code, since it did not expire yet, but you're that there's no hurt in sending in advance. I'll be on the Community if you need me!

So @Cal it is 23rd as accorded and still no internet connection.


The FO light at the media converter still yellow.


What is the problem now ?

Ah ok, now it seems to work fine finally :)


Thank you @Cal for the amazing work :)

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At your service @leorossetto, I'm very happy to read that you're connected to our internet! :relaxed: On the other hand, the connection seems to be a little unstable, I don't know if you also experienced short amounts of downtime? I would personally advise you to check the wiring, and to keep the appointment with the installation technician for now. I'll also be here on Saturday, so I can cancel your appointment with Guidion if the connection stabilizes.

For now, the connection seems to be a lot more stable today than it was yesterday. Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you. I hope that you will enjoy Christmas!

Hey @Cal 


Yeah, yesterday I was trying 2 different media converter positions 1-6 and 4-3 to see in which I could get better speed so I tried a few times.


Now it is with a very good speed and reliability

Hi @Cal , I have the same issue. I am reading a lot of issues regarding the glassfiber. I just got my net today and this issue is a big issue because I don’t think I am patient enough to wait a whole month. If I could get the same advice as @leorossetto  to get it working, that would be great. 

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That's great to hear @leorossetto! Nice that your actions delivered good results. It looks much better from our side as well, and my point of concern regarding some of the values has changed for the better, so I expect your internet to work without disruption. 

Enjoy the rest of Christmas!


Hi @elviscanweight, don't worry, we'll certainly not let a wait a whole month! I see that one of my colleagues requested our technical department to contact KPN NetwerkNL to check out what's wrong with the network. As I am able to perform some of the tasks of the technical department, I immediately sent out a message to KPN NetwerkNL. Please be aware that, due to the holidays and the fact that the department we need does not work in the weekends, I expect you to be contacted by them on Tuesday at earliest, but it should certainly not take much longer than that! 

If there's anything else, please feel free to let me know and I'll try my best to make it happen. For now, I hope that despite the issue you have a good Christmas!

PS: My colleague probably already informed you, but sometimes KPN NetwerkNL likes to call anonymously, so please pick up any anonymous calls in the coming days.