No internet after installation

  • 2 January 2021
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The connection is DSL and start date is 29-Dec-2020. I have installed the modem by connecting the DSL cable the wall socket.

The modem is switched on but there is no light on the globe symbol( no internet ).

The power,2.4g,5g lights are switched on.

Can anyone please help me here?

I am unable to speak to customer service as i dont know dutch and dont know which options to select in the telephone call.



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I have used the grey DSL cable for the connections to the wall socket.

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Hello @Jaithehulk 

Can you open the wall socket and show a picture of how it's wires?

Hi @Waqqas ,

Attaching the pic, 


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Try removing all wires from the socket under. Red blue and blue under on the right side, then connect orange and white to a and b instead of red and blue. Make sure only 2 wires are connected.

I don't have all the tools, can you send a technician? Or tell me how to appoint one? As I don't kno Dutch. 

By orange and white u mean the one's connected above on 4,5??

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Yes the ones on 4 and 5, you'll only need a screwdriver. Make sure all other wires on the socket are removed and connect orange and white to a and b.

I'm just a customer not a moderator.

Hi @Waqqas ,

Thank you so much!!

After connecting the orange and white wires, it works!! The connection is up.

Just a question, max speed promised to me was 51mbps but it shows only 38 mbps. 

Is this ok? 

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Hi @Jaithehulk, great to hear that @Waqqas helped you to set-up the connection, resulting in the fact that you are now fully online. :smile: I checked your connection, and the modem is currently receiving 57,6 Mbit/s, which is even a little more than promised. Sometimes the modem needs a couple of hours before it reaches the maximum speed, and it is good to see that the modem is now fully benefiting from the speed of your connection. If there's anything else, please feel free to let the Community know. 

For now, I wish you a happy & joyful 2021!

Hi all. I have the same problem.

In my case, the connection is DSL and the start date is today (14 January).

I have installed the modem by connecting the DSL cable to the wall socket. The modem is switched on (power,2.4g,5g lights) but there is no light on the globe symbol.

I attach a picture of the inner part of the wall socket.

Can anyone help, please?

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Hi @bluetonic, welcome to the Community!

Thank you for adding the picture, that helps identifying the issue. It looks like the wiring is correct, on first glance, so that shouldn't be the problem here. Can you please take a picture of the Zyxel modem and then specifically the back? I've performed a line measurement but can't compare the data, it looks like the modem hasn't been detected. This doesn't necessarily mean that you've connected it wrongly, but I'd like to ascertain the situation as is. That way I can offer my help in a more thorough manner.

Are you sure the DSL-cable has been connected to the wall socket via the DSL-port on the back of the Zyxel? 

Hi @Jason, thanks for your reply.

here are the two pictures you asked for:

I can confirm that the DSL cable is connected to the DSL port. I am wondering whether the DSL cable itself could be damaged? Please note that when I opened the install box the cable had no “DSL” tag on it.

Please also note that I got some help on a newer thread of this forum: 

I tried to change the wiring inside the socket accordingly, but nothing changed. I still have to try with the last options suggested (changing the wiring inside the ISRA box) but I would keep them as the last chance solutions because I am not too confident with doing that job myself (especially if that turns out not to be the problem).

I look forward to receiving some help :)

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Hi @bluetonic Yeah I wouldn’t change the wiring just yet. I’ve sent out an order for a mechanic to come check the connection since we aren’t receiving a signal from the modem on our end either. Our installation service Guidion will contact you to make an appointment and we’ll get you online as soon as possible!

Hi @Brian,

this is just to let you know that a technician from Guidion looked into this issue yesterday and concluded that there is no signal coming from outside. Therefore he should have contacted KPN to fix the issue (at least I hope so). I really hope this is going to be fast because I urgently need an internet connection.

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Hi @bluetonic, thanks for informing us about the visit! 

KPN just sent you an appointment tool in order to plan a visit. Can you please use that tool to make sure they come by quickly? 

Regarding the urgency of needing an Internet connection: can I offer you an Unlimited Internet voucher? The voucher will make sure you have an Unlimited Internet package for the coming seven days. It only works when activated with a T-Mobile sim card; do you by chance have a prepaid or subscription with T-Mobile?

Hi @Jason, I confirm that I have used the KPN appointment tool.

Thanks for your offer. I have a prepaid T-Mobile sim card, and gladly accept the 1-week voucher. How do I activate it?

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Awesome @bluetonic, I'll send you a voucher straight away (via private message)! 

You can activate the code by texting it (SMS) to 2244. After approximately ten minutes, you'll receive a confirmation stating it's been activated.