No fiber optic connection after 3 months

I ordered subscription on 04.02.2023 but still nothing. Tried to reach to ODF and they replied once to my e-mail that states their subcontractors are busy and they will do the job “when they can”. When it will take place?


Beste antwoord door Demi van Odido 2 May 2023, 11:35

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At your address, this is a new installation of fber. This takes time. I cannot say exactly how long it will take. It depends on when the network operator has completed the installation in your area and when the connection point in your home is been made.

Just to be sure, I have asked our fiber department to check this for you with the network operator and inform you by call. Hopefully they can give you more clarity soon!

Hello, network operator already completed the installation in my neighborhood. I verified it through their website. But I want to get subscription from you, not them and I do not care about their workload. Your website clearly states that fiber is available at my address. Since the day I applied for subscription, connection forecast is kept delaying. Either you are doing false advertisement to get customers or not taking your job seriously.

A month later and still no updates!