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  • 7 September 2020
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I had my glass fibre subscription moved to my new address on the 22nd Aug. During the installation we signed up to receive a Zyxel wifi extender which was installed on the day since the technician had one in his van. The technician said we should be receiving a new modem to replace the draytek since it was outdated and not functioning effectively with the new extender. We now have two wifi networks which overlap and results in lots of disconnections. I understood that the newer router is a Zyxel which creates a single mesh network in the home . He called the service centre and they said we were due to have a new Zyxel modem (and media converter) sent to us. Nothing has been delivered. I also contacted customer service via chat  a week ago and again they sent a reminder to the delivery team. I have had no response. Can someone on the forum help me resolve this?

Reading some other posts, is it correct that there is some problem with fulfillment of these modem packages at the moment?


(Sorry for the English!)


Beste antwoord door Sander 8 September 2020, 17:37

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Hi @Mrfunky86,


There seems to be a problem regarding the fulfillment in your case. I have just made arrangements so that we manually send you your installation package, including a modem. 


Has the technician installed the old modem (Draytek)? In that case it might be a little difficult to replace the Draytek with the Zyxel and the media converter. Do you need another technician to complete the installation when your installation package arrives?

Hi Sander,


Thanks for the response, and for looking into this for me!

Yes the Draytek modem was installed but I am happy to try the installation of the new items myself. I talked to the installer and he explained what I would need to do. I also see lots of posts about people installing their own hardware on this community forum so with the T-mobile equipment hopefully it should be manageable.

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My compliments to you for trying to ‘swap’ the hardware yourself. If you run into problems, let me know! Be aware that it's fiber, don't look into the cable as the light is dangerous. Perhaps this topic might help you to replace the modem: Draytek vervangen. It is in Dutch though. Good luck, be safe!




Thank you @Sander 

Another related question. I have received letters and emails saying I must return a modem or will be billed €125. 

However I am currently using my modem… and have not received a new one yet! 

Can you somehow make a note on my account to say I will of course return this modem when I receive the replacement? I do not want to see some automatic charge appear on my bill due to this confusion :S

By the way is there an update on shipping of the new modem? I have received no notice or anything.

Thanks again for your help!!



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Hi @Mrfunky86, don't worry, there is still plenty of time to return the modem (final date is 18-10). The reminders will trigger automatically but you can ignore these. The new modem is coming your way but we’re currently experiencing some problems with delevery of the installation packages. But I will make sure it get's sent as quickly as possible, apologies for the delay!