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  • 2 January 2021
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Hello to all of you in the New Year and I will start this post by sending you all New Years wishes !!!
And now to the point, it so happened that I was allocated a new apartment, to which I will also take you all together with T-mobile, I have already reported the change of address via the T-mobile website, I made an appointment with Guideon, I was instructed to return the equipment and sending me a new one, and here comes my question: is all this necessary? The equipment I currently have is 2 months old, so it is probably not outdated, and since I managed to disconnect it in the previous house (without losses in the civilian population), I can also install it in a new apartment and you will only turn on the transmission and finally be able to enjoy my the coveted fiber-optic internet. If necessary, I can attach photos from the modem and router installation. I think it is a good solution, especially in our times related to COVID-19 and the fitter's visit, which is expected with time.
I am waiting impatiently for the answer whether my proposal is acceptable from T-mobile.
Regards Edi


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Hi @Edi, congratulations on your new Thuis! :smile: You might not see it as a change, but there is a significant difference between your old and new fiber connection.

For your old fiber connection, you were using an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) to translate the signal of the fiber connection in order to make it understandable for the modem.

For your new fiber connection, the function of the ONT is basically replaced by a Media Converter, which does act in quite differently compared to an ONT.

On the flip side, you are right when stating that there is nothing wrong in re-using the modem. It is due to registering technicality that we need to send you a new modem for your new connection. We are trying to get over this technicality, which we already achieved for some forms of moving to certain technologies, but we have not been able to arrange it for your type of move yet.

I am happy to hear that you are so careful in these dangerous and uncertain times. You could also set everything up for the technician, so that the technician only has to make some final ‘magical’ changes and the time spent by the technician in your house will be minimal.

Good luck with moving. Thanks, and I wish you a great 2021 as well!

PS: As I am convinced that this question is quite different from your other topic where you originally posted this question in, namely this topic: No network at Ermelo (installation), I gave this question its own topic.

Thank You @Cal for exhaustive answer.

Happy New Year to You also <3

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