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  • 17 November 2017
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I moved from Ziggo to ThuisT-mobile, but start was awful:@: till now,

1- klanservice was not responsive , more than 45 minutes waiting to somebody answer you ( 2 times happened)
2- package was not delivered to my home and sent to post office to pick up (my wife is at home 24/7 because we have new born baby)
3-asking to include my mobile contract promotion into consideration, it did not happen at least in my t-mobile page.

not good start at all.

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7 reacties

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I'm sorry to hear your first experience wasn't a positive one Goodarztalebi. I'm going to do everything I can to make make it a better one from here on out!

Our customer service is indeed hard to reach at the moment because of the great number of calls we are receiving. No excuses there, we have taken steps to improve this as fast as we can and we're seeing a slight improvement already over the course of this week. My apologies for the inconvenience!

The package gets delivered through the postal service, too bad the delivery person didn't manage to deliver the package to your home.

Your contracts for both Mobiel and Thuis are registered properly and you will receive the Combi deal discount as soon as your contract starts and you receive a refund for the connection fee within 30 days of the start of your contract! After the contract starts you will also see the Combi deal discount in your My T-Mobile page.

If you have any questions I'll be happy to help and welcome to T-Mobile!
Thanks for reply.
I hope it goes well.
Q: my overstap date is 24 November, is it possible to install t-mobile thuis earlier or I should wait till 24 November?
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Hi Goodarztalebi,

Because you Ziggo it is possible to start the installation. but it is not going to work before 23 November. So you can set everything ready and if it is working the 4 leds on the modem are on your set. if you have Optical Fiber you need to wait on the engineer. (the Draytek modem)
My home does not have optical fiber (glasvezel), then I guess i could manage installation.

Q: shall I simply connect modem via DSL line to the home phone socket?
I hope not to put t-mobile modem in the kast, because it is far from my living room and i can not connect modem with cable to our tv and phone.
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Hi Goodarztalebi, you can connect the modem earlier if you want but the "line" wil not be active before the 24th. As Hidden says, you can see if the line is activate when all 4 lights on the modem are burning (Power, WAN, LAN, Internet). The cable required for your phone is a so called RJ11 connector which is different from your ethernet (internet) connection, see the picture below. So it will not be possible to connect the modem to the living room through this cable but you could replace it with an ethernet cable. If you're not able to make use of a cable then a Powerline adapter might be a good solution. However do note that we do not offer direct support for use of the adapter since we do not offer these ourselves.

Thanks for reply,

I would like to have solution based on material you provided (avoid powerline adapter).

My question clearly is I want the modem from t-mobile sits next to the my TV and my phone stand which they are all in my living room.Is it possible? and how I connect t-mobile modem.

If modem sits in house entrance kast, it is far from my living room and all cabling for connecting to TV and phone stand almost are impossible.
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Hi Goodarztalebi, if you want to place the modem in your living room then you will have to replace the cable through the home socket yourself or you could call a contractor to do this. We as your provider make sure you have a working internet connection, in your case in the 'meterkast'. The connections in your home are your own responsibility so we cannot provide those for you. However you CAN contact our contractor Guidion for this. Guidion can pull the cable through the home socket for you (and other requests) but they will charge you for this installation. You can contact them through phone number 088 2000 151 for the work you want done and the rates which they charge. If you have any more questions I'll be happy to answer them for you!