KPN Installed Fiber in my neighborhood, but T-Mobile Website says DSL Only

  • 3 September 2020
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Several Months ago KPN installed Fiber in my neighborhood,  the KPN website says T-mobile is one of the providers.   

If I look at several other providers, (Xs4all, KPN, Solcom), it says I can get Fiber, but when I look at T-mobile’s web site, it says I only have DSL (21MB download) Available.  What’s up?  Any idea why I can’t get it via the T-mobile website, but can vai others?


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Good day @james968,

Welcome to the T-Mobile community. Most of the times it depends on the used fiber technique. If GPON is used, it might take a little bit before T-Mobile has access. The parties you mention are all KPN owned serviceproviders and therefor have an avantage to other providers such as T-Mobile when accessing this type of network.

Webcare can always check whether this is the case and when it should be possible to subscribe.

It was in February.  


How do I get ahold of webcare?  When I spoke to someone (from Sales) in chat, there response was basically “If its not showing up, we can’t do anything for you




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Webcare will reply in this topic, just have patience.

I'm pretty sure T-Mobile will support this new fiber technique, I hope webcare can give you an indication of around when the new technique will be supported.

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Hi @james968,


Thanks for considering us as your next provider! We want to make that happen as well. The thing with new networks is that it could take some time for the administration is updated. I'm afraid I would have as similar response as my Sales colleague. I do, however, have an addition. There's a website that keeps track of all connections at home: Here you can “Start een aanvraag” where you can ask them to update your address. I'm afraid it's only in Dutch. Once MijnAansluiting has updated the network, our website will be updated automatically as well. It might take some time, but this route is the quickest way for you be connected with our Thuis offer. Hope this works and you'll be connected soon!