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  • 12 February 2024
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Today we connected the optical fiber and laid it outside. N
othing was brought into the apartment; The apartment has a box from KPN (about 3 years old). I’m trying to connect a modem and a TV box, I don’t know where to connect the Internet cable, since the fiber optic cable doesn’t connect at all, there are no such connectors, and I’m also trying to understand how your employees work, even if they don’t warn you. and this is after waiting 10 months for connection. I am shocked by your service and company


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Hi @Lazaros ,

You should not try to connect things yourself with a glasfiber connection. This needs to be done by the installer service of Odido. One the connection is ready for delivery, you receive an email/sms to make an appointment with the installerservice “Guidion”.  They will make your connection technically and administrative ready to go!

This looks like bullying! I waited 10 months, how long should I wait for your master to connect?