Internet installation - weird port, no connection

  • 9 October 2020
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I bought the T-mobile home internet connection recently it was suppose to activate as on today unfortunately due to some reason it is not working. I am trying to get in touch with customer care whole day no one seems to pick up the call. Hence, would you be able to help me to by arranging a technician visit? 

By the way I installed it by myself by following the user instructions the globe light is not on as you can see from this picture below it shows no internet connect.   



Beste antwoord door sajanv88 9 October 2020, 20:56

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Hello @sajanv88 

Is your modem directly connected to the ISRA where the KPN cable enters your house using the grey DSL cable and what type of ISRA do you have?

@Waqqas   I don’t know what that means please find the screenshot.


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Hello @sajanv88 

There seems to be a bridge tap in this connection box (2 cables) can you unscrew the box and make a picture of the wiring.

Also the cables above where are they heading to?

Hey @Waqqas  thanks for prompt response. Here is the picture. I honestly have no clue what are those cables doing there.. By the way I have two socket spots in my home. The one i am showing you here is from main electric cabinet.. I have another one socket is located in the living room. It looks same like this one. 


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If you can somehow find out which cable leads to the other connection box than you can remove that cable.

Otherwise remove both cables and try them one by one.

@Waqqas i tried to connect one by one but it didn’t work. I wonder if the connection itself active after all. 
An Incase if the connection is activated I should be seeing a red light beaming atleast but in this case I don’t see light at all. 

also is it possible to arrange a technician visit anytime soon otherwise I am going to cancel the connection. 

Even though there is a ‘bridge tap’ which has to be corrected, you should still be getting some kind of signal. 

A technician from T-Mobile on short notice is near unthinkable, if you need a connection fixed quickly T-Mobile is not the provider you should have been looking at, I'm afraid.

However, the picture only shows a phone line junction box, not the actual incoming KPN cable, so it's near impossible to tell if everything is connected correctly.

Could you provide a picture of the entire electric cabinet? Or at least show us where the white cable is coming from?


@Waqqas and @prodigy i just noticed another socket which looks different and I connected to that. It worked. 

looks like problem solved. Thanks guys for responding i had a nice conversation. Cheers