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  • 24 April 2020
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Hello! Since I do not speak Dutch or English, I decided to write here with the help of a Google translator …

I recently subscribed to your internet, even received the installation package, but I have a problem.

There is no one in my home that I can plug into your modem. There is only one cable coming out of the wall (I'll attach a photo) For this reason,  please kindly send a technician to my home.


Even though I have given a phone number, I cannot communicate with you on the phone due to lack of lan

guage,so I prefer to communicate via email🙂

Thanks in advance for the technique you would send!
Friendly greetings: Ipek

here is the picture


7 reacties

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Hello @Denimur 

This looks like a coax cable connection which is only used for internet from Ziggo.

Does this website show a active telephone connection in your house?

When you look in your fusebox, living room or somewhere else, do you see any of these?

Or maybe just a cable with four wires red/blue/orange/white?

when i click on the link it says it is not available in my region .. and there is no such box anywhere in my home😕

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Are you using a VPN? Use a local network or 4G network without VPN.

Didn't you find any lose cable somewhere with those 4 wires?

Please wait for a moderator, maybe they can send a technician to your house to find it.

I'm really grateful if you send a technician because I don't find anything like this🙂

No,I don't use VPN  in any way

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Link is only accessible when you are in the Netherlands, a moderator will reply within 24/48 hours.

Ok ,thanks!