How long should I wait for my equipment?

  • 24 April 2020
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I asked T-mobile to tranfer my internet connection from Arnhem to Eindhoven in the beginning of March. It has been well over a month now and I still haven’t received the installation equipment. I have heard at least 3 different reasons why I haven’t received it yet during my numerous phone calls in your call center; 1) Technical Problem with your T-mobile software 2) problem with the fiber line arriving at my house 3) delays because you switched transport companies. The latter has been the case for at least 15-20 days now. 

Could I have a responsible answer of when I am going to receive the equipment or if I will receive it at all? If T-mobile does not want to send the equipment you should at least inform so I can switch operators. If there is a shortage of fiber routers you could provide a 4g router until your stock is replenished. I cant keep calling your call centers 2-3 times per week to check the status.


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Hey @igergia ,

I'm sad to hear that you've experienced problems with your T-Mobile Thuis subscription. Luckily your installation package should arrive today between 14:45 and 17:15! The appointment with one of our engineers is planned on the 6th of May. Thank you for your patience. Please let me know if I can help you any further or if you experience any problems after the installation. I'm here to help!