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  • 3 October 2023
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On 21.09.2023 I applied for home internet. The modem and other equipment arrived to my address on 30.09.2023.

The estimated time for installation was 03.10.2023 but so far nobody contacted me for this.

Could you please check the status of my order. The order number is given below.


Best regards, 





Beste antwoord door Cheyenne van Odido 4 October 2023, 10:23

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I am sorry, I noticed that I received a couple of e-mails from Guidion to schedule the installation time. Because the e-mails were in Dutch I did not understand the topic of those e-mails. 

Thanks in advance.



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Hi there @burraky, welcome! 😄 I wanted to help right away, but I can see some good news: you've made an appointment and Guidion will visit you today. Good luck and please know that if you need anything in the future, I am here for you. Have a great day!