Guidion mechanics did a really bad job

  • 10 July 2022
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Guidion technicians did a really bad job: They left broken tiles, didn't even put them back in properly. The tiles are missing sand and not leveled. The border tiles of the voortuin are are broken and out of place. This is not professional work. The opening they did inside the house has been filled with black kit!

I contacted Guidion. They asked me to reach out to Tmobile.



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Hello @Nshah 

Did somebody come to install the Fiber in your home? Are you sure it was Guidion because they do the installation of the mediaconverter and router after the Fiber has been installed in your home by the party which was applying Fiber in your street.

I see. It was the TOF group then. How do I handle it ?



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You could call them and explain the situation, maybe they can help?