Fiberoptic connection from meterkast to living room

  • 15 May 2023
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Hi all,


I am planning to transfer from Ziggo to T mobile fiber. On my Ziggo setup, there is a coax cable in meterkast. In the living room, I use coax to coax (or something like that) modem input(modem has that itself). With that I can plug my ethernet connections in the living room.


However, If I transfer to T mobile fiber, I wonder if I am able to setup router in living room. My T mobile fiber output is in meterkast. As far as I understand, T mobile technician will put modem and fiber to ethernet connector into meterkast. Is there anybody who faced with that situation or any ideas what to do?


Thank you!


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If your fiber connection is in the “meterkast” then the equipment wil be placed there.

The connection on the fiber wil be build up with 2 components.

  1. A media converter that changes the light into electrical data
  2. A router with 1 WAN port en 4 LAN (Ethernet) ports and a wifi module

It is possible to separate both units and move the router to the living room via a UTP cable. Maybe you can use the redundant coax cable to pull a new utp cable from the “meterkast” to the living room.

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Hello @MelihD 

It is also possible to purchase moCa adapters to send the internet signal over the COAX cable if you cannot replace the cable.