Do I need FTU box?

  • 20 November 2021
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Hello. Sorry for writing in english but I have just started learning Dutch.

After 4 months without internet and fighting with my current provider, I have decided to choose T-Mobile offer. Before I make an order, I would like to ask about something.

In my apartment I do not have a FTU box, just socket in the wall from Ziggo (see the picture). What construction work has to be done to install FTU? Or can you just connect me using the socket in the wall? At my adress optical fiber with 1Gbt/s speed is avalible.



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Hello @MateuszC 

T-Mobile doesn't use this socket. An FTU should normally be in your fusebox or maybe somewhere else. If the Fiber cable has not been brought into your apartment yet then you can place your order and T-Mobile will take care of it 🙂

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Hi @MateuszC,

Happy to hear that you'll soon be enjoying the magic of fiber! Unfortunate that you're having trouble with your current provider, I am happy that we can help you out.

To give you a personal answer I looked up your dossier and the status of the fiber at your address. At the moment the fiber is rolled at up until your property, but the fiber cable hasn't been pulled into your house yet. This means that in the next couple of weeks we will bring you into contact with a technician who can extend the fiber cable and link it up with an FTU, which is also currently not present yet.

The exact manner of how the technician will bring the fiber cable into your house is very hard for me to determine as it is dependent on the lay-out of your house. Of course the technician will consult you and ask for your permission before making any changes to your property. If you are too eager to find out how it will likely be connected, I would advise you to check with your neighbors how their fiber has been connected as it will likely be in the same spot that our technician will advise.

If it is still a bit unclear, feel free to ask questions. On the other hand, we will closely guide you during the process and we will direct anyone who needs to help you out! :smiley: