Connection date uncertain?

  • 5 May 2023
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Hi there. I am moving into a new place and just ordered a fibre internet plan with you. I received an email and would like clarification on two points: 

  1. The email says “As soon as the fiber optic cables are laid in your street, you will get a fiber optic connection point in your home”. Does that mean that the fiber internet is currently not available on my area? If so, why was I given the option to choose fiber internet for my apartment? I am not willing to wait months or years until the cables are installed. Could you please offer me an alternative plan that can be put in place immediately? 
  2. I’ve asked for my connection date to be the 25th of May. I then received an email saying that due to the fact that there is a current subscription under my address, the connection has been moved to the 17th of May. That is earlier than the original connection date. It also tells me that the date is not certain yet. When can I receive the connection date? Could we stick to the 25th? 

Many thanks. 

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Hi @AnnaGr, I checked it right away! First, a fiber optic connection must be made in your street. As soon as this is completely ready, we can get started with the fiber optic connection at your home. You will be contacted for an appointment. After the fiber optic connection in your home is ready, we can install T-Mobile Home at your place. Our installation partner Guidion will then contact you to make an installation appointment. You will receive the installation package by post no later than two working days before this installation appointment. As soon as the package has been sent, we will send you a Track & Trace code with which you can track the package. There is no alternative to fiberglass and at the moment I cannot say how long this will take, you will be kept informed by e-mail! Greetings, Ishana

Hi Ishana. Thank you for checking. I would like to cancel my contract with T-mobile. Could you please advise how to proceed? 

Many thanks, 


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Hi @AnnaGr, I'm sad to see you go, but of course respect and understand your decision. You may call our Customer Service via 0800-0092 and cancel your request. Good luck!

Hi Jason. Thank you for your reply. I am not able to make the phone call on the number provided from my British number. Could you please provide a number which can be phones from abroad? Many thanks. Anna 

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Hi @AnnaGr of course I have! If you call this number you will get a colleague from T-Mobile Mobile on the line. Explain the situation, and they will connect you to our T-Mobile Home operators! This is the number you can call (if all goes well): 06 2400 1200.

Hi Tommie, 

Thank you for your reply. I have tried to call from several different phones, but it seem like this number if invalid. Could you please let me know a valid phone number or an email address where I can send my cancelation? I need to cancel before tomorrow, but I am not able to reach you at all. Please advise. Many thanks. 

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The number as written here is correct! If you use a foreign phone, maybe you need to dial 0031 62400 1200?

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Hi @AnnaGr, like @eric mentioned: you can add the 0031 to the phone number or dial +31624001200. Either way will have you contact our Customer Service. Good luck!