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  • 17 April 2019
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I have internet subscription and will move to a new address. Could you please let me know what I should do to move my internet subscription to the new address?

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7 reacties

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How nice that you are going to move, congratulations!😁 I will gladly arrange the move for you. I would like to share all the information you need and will ask you some questions in between. First of all, I am very curious about your new postcode and house number. Can you send me this information in a DM? I would also like to know on which date you will be moving, so that I can ensure that you can watch TV on your new address as quickly as possible! Please note that the processing time of a move is about 4 weeks. I would like to inform you of a number of things, namely:

- The moment I transfer a move for you, you automatically enter into a new one-year contract with us. Including the new promotional conditions and rates. This is good news, because you will receive another 6 months discount if you opt for All-in-1! That is definitely a nice thing after a move.

What do I need from you for entering this move?
1. Your new zip code and house number.
2. On what date will you move?
3. Do you want to change your subscription?

Once you have read all this and give me the necessary information, I will make sure that the move is arranged for you!

I will be moving 1st October and would like to relocate my house internet to the new address?

Can you please assist me with this?

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Hey @Ftiryaki,

Yes of course! Could you please send me a private message with the information from my message above. Then I'll make sure that your relocation will go smoothly. Hope to hear from you soon!



I will be moving 27th of August and would like to relocate house internet to new address (and change to 1Gbit fiber).

Can you assist me as well? :)

Thank you,

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Hey @AdrianC,

I'm here to help! Please send me all the needed details in a private message (in the message above). And I'll help you as soon as possible with the moving. :smile:

Hi @Piotr,

I’m moving to a new address on September 15th and would like to relocate my home internet to my new place. How should I proceed? My wife and I also have 2 mobile subscriptions but I don’t think anything is necessary in this regard.

Thank you.


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Hi @felipegoak, if you could send me a private message with your current address, your new address and wether you want any changes in the current subscription then I will gladly process the move for you. Should the start date also be September 15th? You can change the address on the mobile subscriptions through My T-Mobile. It doesn't really matter for the subscriptions themselves however to be able to use ‘Klantvoordeel’ the addresses should match so I would recommend you change them as soon as the fixed subscription starts on the new address.