Internet down in Almere

  • 14 May 2024
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I've been having issues since this weekend. Already did everything like restart routers and waiting patiently for a few days but still having issues. It's fast when it is up but completely unusable when it's down. When I log in to the router the system info says they Ethernet WAN connectionis down and there a red cross on the picture between router and internet. Also have a red light that's turned on, on the router.


Beste antwoord door Nora van Odido 15 May 2024, 13:01

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34 reacties

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Hi @Pprinsloo, I love to make sure that your internet is working the way that it's supposed to! I have checked your connection and I do see that the connection is not stable. This is why I have sent a technician, so that they can check your internet connection and discover where the issue might be. You will receive an email and SMS from Guidion to make an appointment with a technician for this. I will keep my fingers crossed that they can figure out the cause quickly and make sure that everything works as it should as soon as possible! 

Hi Nora. I’ll keep an eye out for the email.

I appreciate the response, thank you!

Hi Nora,

So the technician was here and it was fixed for a few days, but now I’m having issues again. Same thing where it goes completely down from time to time.

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Hi @Pprinsloo, I am sorry to see that the problems have started again. I have immediately sent this to my colleagues from the technical department so that they can research this and see what exactly is causing this, so that we can solve this issue for you. As soon as we have an update, we will inform you about this. In the meantime, if you are using a SIM card from Odido or Ben I can offer you a voucher for Unlimited mobile data until the research has been finished. If you are in need of one of those vouchers, please let me know so I can send you one! 

Thank you. I don’t have an Odido or Ben SIM but I am considering getting one. But for now will wait for them to have a look.

Hi Nora, is there possibly any feedback on the progress?

Hi Nora, is there possibly any feedback on the progress?

I think the issue is mostly resolved but want to give it time and just want to check if you did something your end.

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Hi @Pprinsloo, happy to hear that it has been resolved. Everything looks good on our end as well! 

@Tommie van Odido @Nora van Odido 
Nevermind, it still drops and it’s very unpredictable and intermittently offline.

I’ve tried on my end to also reset the router and have removed everything from the netowrk that is not needed to the bare minimum (7 devices). The only things I’ve configured that is different from factory settings are the admin password and the wifi ssid and password so the rest is default.

I can’t keep restarting the equipment to get internet back, can this please be resolved or I need to find an alternative. I need stable internet to do my job because I work remotely.

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@Pprinsloo I understand and I’m happy to help to optimize your connection! 

I looked into the system and luckily, I see that our Back Office is already monitoring your connection at the moment. As soon as their investigation is rounded up, you will be informed about this as well. 

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you in the meantime. I’m here to help! 

Hi, thank you @Teresa van Odido.

Okay so I’ve ruled out that there is an issue with the router and hopefully have some usefule information that could help the investigation (There isn’t much more I can do from my end). I configured a different router and see that the connections still degrades, I can get it back working every time it drops by going to the connection in the router to your network, releasing the IP and requesting a new one. This does not help for very long until the network drops again though. When it drops my router reports that it is connected but with a poor connection.

I am on holiday at the moment with family visiting me and the internet is very bad when we are home in the evenings causing frustration. We have to use mobile hotspots to get internet that gets expensive because the fiber connection is unusable in its current state. This is getting very frustrating. I’ve tried everything on my end that I know how to do with what I have.

Is there an option where you send me a SIM with that voucher offered earlier until this is resolved so I can get internet. When I’m back at work in a week?

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@Pprinsloo I’m sure our Back Office will be able to resolve the issue, but I understand that for now it is not workable. I can’t send you a sim card, but of course you have my permission to buy one. If you send me the receipt I’ll compensate you for this immediately. 

I got the simcard from an Odido shop. I attached the receipt. Could I get the vouchers to use until this is resolved please.



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Hi @Pprinsloo, thanks for sending a picture of the receipt! I will immediately go ahead with the administrative work to enter a credit of € 10 in the system for you. You will quickly receive a confirmation per email and the amount will be credited on your invoice of July. Via a private message I will send you a voucher code with which you can activate Unlimited internet.

Feel free to let us know if there's anything else. In the meantime we will work on a permanent solution!

Hi, I got the vouchers and sim but sending the message to 2244 does not work. I get a response of "Deze dienst is niet meer actief. Groeten, Odido.”
My internet has been better so I have not needed it yet this week, but I want to have this as a backup if it breaks again next week when I get back to work.

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I have send you a new one @Pprinsloo!

Thanks Tommie. That one worked, I had to use it now because my internet degraded again today.

Hi, this issue returned today. Internet keeps dropping intermittently.

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@Pprinsloo Thank you for reaching out to us again. I will gladly help you further to solve these issues once and for all! 

Can you please tell me what the lights on the router and ONT are doing at the moment? Think, blinking, colour, on/off. In my system I get a notification that the connection is completely down. Is this correct? 

It is currently up. But when it has problems it constantly drops and reconnects.

When it is working Zyxel T-55: power is green, 2.5GWAN is on and green, Internet is green and blinking, 2.4G is on and 5G is blinking.

Huawei OptiXstar: 10G LAN is blinking, PON is blinking and power is on.


When it goes down the internet light turns red on the Zyxel but haven't checked what changes on the Huawei. Also if it drops for a short time, the lights all stay green.

If I use my own wifi router instead of the Zyxel it reports a poor internet connection when things go down.

It’s been really bad today, I’ve resorted to mostly using the prepaid voucher.

It's been over a month of issues so I've decided to give notice and move to a new provider. This weekend was the worst so far with the internet being unusable. The backup is a sim I got from you but that means a mobile hotspot from a phone for everyone in the house to connecto to which does not work well at all.

I have to give a month notice and want to at least have some internet for this month. Could you please send me more of those vouchers until my contract terminates. The fiber is unusable at the moment.