No 4G at home but 4G outside

  • 3 July 2023
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Since few days, the 4G on my phone doesn’t work when I am home but it does when I am somewhere else. Anyone knows the source of the problem ? Or have any information ? 

4 reacties

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Hello @Timothée 

There could be a network issue at your place. When standing outside your house is there also no 4G and it is better at other locations?

On the dekkingskaart you can see the network coverage at your place and see if there are any problems or maintenance going on. You can report a network issue via the dekkingskaart.

Hi, @Waqqas 

While standing outside or going somewhere else in the neighbourhood, the 4G works. As soon as I get into my flat, the 4G is visible on my phone but network is so weak and is not functioning. 

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You said since a few days, was the 4G working fine before? And has anything been changed since then?

Yes since Friday I figured out that my 4G didn't work any more at home. I usually use my 4G home because it is more powerful than my wifi. I didn't change anything in my apartment or did not notice any changes that might have caused this issue.