M-pas zone 2 abonnement doesnt work

  • 8 April 2023
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I have traveled to Turkey, I have contracted the indicated data package but it does not work in any way. I have rebooted the phone, I have made sure that in WiFi it works, I am connected to the Turkish phone network. So it must be a problem with T-mobile, which I can't call since the cost is €1.5 per minute, and on top of that they will charge me for the package I have contracted. Any ideas please?!

4 reacties

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Hi @PabloMH , welcome to the community. 

Did you enable 'roaming data ' in your phone?

You can also try-out to manually search for networks and try-out a different one.

Thanks for your reaction. Yes, I have tried everything but the phone is just able to find one network so it is the only one I can connect with.

Info for next travelers: I was visiting a shop from Turk Telecom, the one my mobile phone was 'connected' and the guy told me doesn't work. Companies sell packages but are useless in this region. So, I just hope T-Mobile can check I didn't spend/use my package and don't charge it in my next invoice. 

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The orderamount is charged directly. You can ask this question again onze the validity date of the bundle has passed.  Only than the customer care can see nothing has been used.