Subway surfer Scam

  • 16 October 2021
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I was charged 5eur weekly, for a total of 20eur this month, for a game I never played or have. I would like to know how T-mobile will solved this, and how to get my money back. 


I already blocked everything that has to be blocked to avoid this to happened again. 


Please help. 


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Good morning  @Fiorecop read This topic and block the FTMSC services in your account.

try to request your money back via this form

Good luck and have a nice weekend









Is T-Mobile going to do something , for what I read is a lost cause from the customer side. I never received any notification that I register myself in any game page. And I just noticed it today (after 2 months of paying). This is really bad. I was lucky to find out before the damage got bigger, but for what I found out, some people got it worse, and nothing got solved. Now I must send post letter to hopefully (if the doggy Scammer web doesn't claim that I accept term and conditions) I may have may money back. This is a well know issue, and after all this time nothing has been done.