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  • 30 May 2024
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Hello , i have 3 unpaid invoice. I received a letter from Preventel. I would like to pay asap but i got blocked.

Please help me to pay the outstanding invoices


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You can go to an Odido shop and pay there with a normal bank card. You also can transfer the outstanding amount per manual banktransfer. See the Odido info here.


Wil je het geld liever handmatig overmaken? Dat kan naar betaalrekening NL03 COBA 0733 959 717 t.n.v. Odido. Let op: vermeld in de omschrijving je Odido klantnummer. Deze vind je op je factuur. Zo weten we bij wie de betaling hoort.


My advise is to pay the three amounts in seperate transfers so you can add on each transfer the corresponding invoice number and Customer number.

Once all the transfers are handled, your subscription will be reconnected and the preventel registration will be adjusted. If you wait long, the subscription will be totally cancelled and the remaining months will be invoiced in a final invoice.


I really appreciate your response. I will pay manually one by one as you advise.

Just , i cant see the invoices in the app as i am blocked 

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Hello @Nandor, welcome to our Community! I immediately grabbed the customer number from your profile and I see indeed that you have been disconnected because you have not paid some invoices for too long. Let me list them for you: 

- Invoice from January with this invoice number: 901531283357. It concerns an amount of € 28.24 and should have been paid before 28-01-2024. 
- Invoice from February with this invoice number: 901534586898. The amount involved is €28.24 and should have been paid by 29-02-2024. 
- Invoice from March with this invoice number: 901538220928. The amount involved is €28.24 and should have been paid by 28-03-2024. 

So you have a total outstanding amount of € 84.72. I advise you to pay these invoices as soon as possible. However, I see that this number is an old Tele2 subscription and if you are in arrears with this subscription, causing you to be disconnected, we can no longer activate it. This is technically due to the fact that only new Odido subscriptions can still be connected. Existing (Old-Tele2) subscriptions that are still running, those of course continue. But if they are closed, we can no longer activate them. 

If you want to keep the number, you can take out a new subscription and request Number portability. I advise you to pay the outstanding amount as soon as possible. This can be done manually, as Eric had indicated. Please mention the customer number which is mentioned in your profile. Once you transfer the amount manually, it will take about 3 business days before it is processed and linked to your subscription. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know! 

Hello .

I paid the outstanding bill , but my card is still blocked. What can i do to keep my number?

Thank you 

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Hi @Nandor ,

As the moderator wrote,  your subscription has been ended. This can not be undone.

You can apply with another provider for a new subscription (or prepaid) and use number portability to keep your number alive.