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  • 28 December 2022
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I was recently abroad for a few weeks (Africa) and I have sent a few SMS from there (2-3). However I checked my costs now and those SMS are doubled or even tripled, therefore so are the costs for them. 

Support is not available, any ideas? Thanks!





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Hi @sashii , welcome to the user helps user community.

When a text does not FIT into one message, you phone split it automatically in several messages before sending. The other side will glue these together again to make it readable.

There are 160 ASCII characters that fit. When you use other characters like a  😀, than this small pictures are build with several characters and so the text amount is even smaller. 

Hi, thanks for your reply!

The text messages were short so for sure were under 160 chars. I have already contacted support, so this can be closed if needed!