Please stop calling from +31614094100 and asking personal information

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I dont think its normal to keep calling me with this number +31614094100 and asking me my personal information. If im the one who call you, you can ask me that personal info for verification but not the other way around. 

My mobile contract almost expire and i have cheap sim only subscription, i plan to extend it and no way you can go any cheaper than that. I already got nice offer via email anyway.

My point is what you guys doing is bad security practice. I think sales try to conclude contract agreement via verbal communication which is legal in Netherlands but thats not how it should be. Something is not right in tmobile ict management. 

Sorry for the rant, i mean you called me at 8pm and thats your 4th call, the 3rd one i answer which is why i know that you ask my personal info.


Beste antwoord door Waqqas 4 May 2023, 21:25

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Hello @draco2000 

Ín your T-Mobile account or via the app you can choose how you want to be contacted by T-Mobile, maybe you can have a look there and change your preferences.

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Thanks, uncheck bellen

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@Waqqas tmobile called me again on Saturday, niet normaal hoor

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+31614094100 calling me again when im working in the middle of meeting

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Maybe you can pick up and tell that you don't want to be called?

You can report being called without your permission here:

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Ill try that @Waqqas 

@Shilka will do after telling them not to call me again

Yes lets hope using your ‘recht van verzet’ helps. Of course, disabling calling in your privacy preferences should have been enough and should basically have equal results as telling them to stop on the phone.

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Hi @draco2000 

I would also like to check if your preference was changed correctly in our system. Can you send me a private message with your 06-number, name, birth-date, full address and the last 4 numbers of your IBAN? I will make sure your settings are correct as you prefer it.

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@Hajar I already told them to send offer via email which they can not do. My profile 100% bellen unchecked.

In theory i should not get any call from tmobile sales anymore. Finger crossed!