Can't order eSim

  • 17 February 2024
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When I’m trying to order eSim instead f m current sim card I’m getting message :

Niet alle gegevens zijn bij ons bekend. Stel deze eerst in om je nieuwe esim aan te vragen.




But my email is already attached to my account. I even tried to change it to a different email, but it didn’t help. How I can order eSim?


Beste antwoord door Pharwin van Odido 19 February 2024, 13:07

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Hello @Viktoriia123, Welcome to our Community, I am happy to help you! I took a look at your account right away and I see that everything is set up correctly. I do see that your number ending in ****821 is listed twice, is that correct? Where are you getting this error message? Is that in the app? Could you try it for me through a browser/desktop version to see if it works then? 

If it still doesn't work, I can possibly see if I can manage to order an eSIM for you. Please let me know! 

Kind regards,