Very slow download speed during the evening.

  • 10 February 2022
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For the past 2 evenings the download speed at our address is very slow. When tested against external services it’s slower than 5Mbps, usually over 500Mbps. 

The weird thing is that the upload speed is not affected, it is constantly over 400Mbps. 

I’ve tested with the speedtest from the tmobile website ( and up to this server there’s no problem (490 Mbps in the latest test).

Anybody else encountering a similar issue? I restarted the router and also tested connected through the wired connection. It also only happened during the evening, while working during the day the connection was stable.



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Hallo @patrickmore 

Heb je het T-Mobile apparatuur aangesloten? Probeer eens de mediaconverter te herstarten 

Heb je ook vanaf de mediaconverter minimaal een CAT5E kabel lopen naar de modem en vervolgens ook minimaal een CAT5E kabel naar het apparaat waarmee je de snelheidstest doet? Voer de test ook eens op andere apparaten uit.

Ok, die 100/100 zat me niet lekker, bleek mijn switch te zijn, nu is de link weer 1000/1000. Sorry!

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This started happening again in Almere area, is it a known fault or related to the storm?



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Hi @bogtato,

Thanks for your message. There are no new signals for known issues with the downloadspeed. Has the speed improvement since your message? If not, I’ll gladly help out raising the speed. In order to give a proper estimation of your speed, I’d like to receive a couple of screenshots of speed tests. Please take a close look at the following steps! If the tests don’t meet the necessary criteria, we can’t start an investigation.

-Go to in your browser and download the app for the device on which you want to perform the speed test
- Please shut down all open systems including VPN
-The computer or laptop has to be connected via an ethernet cable, a speed test of  a TV or gaming computer can’t be used
-Run the speed test. For the best results it’s best to test on several target servers. When you press the big GA-button, you can choose a server. Is the speed below the attainable average? Repeat the test on the same device but with a five minute intermission between the tests
-Take at least two screenshots of speed tests on different target servers and make sure your whole desktop screen is visible, so we can see the connection type (it's important that it's visible that the speedtest is made with a internet connection via a ethernet cable)
-Take a screenshot of the taakbeheer (Task Manager, on Windows) or the activiteitenmonitor (Activity Monitor on iOS):
In Windows you’ll find this by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL; choose more details if they’re not directly visible
In Apple MacOS you can search for "Activity Monitor" from the Spotlight search box 
-Take a screenshot of the IP configuration:
Windows: via the search function under shortcut “Windows + R”, type in: “cmd” and press Enter (or search for Opdrachtprompt/Command Prompt in the starting menu). After opening, type in: ipconfig / all and press Enter
Apple MacOS: via the Finder or the Spotlight search window you can open the Terminal app. Type in: /sbin /ifconfig and press Enter. This will display all connections the device has at that specific moment. 

Please send me the screenshots in one message and make sure that the mentioned steps are followed precisely.