Technician Request - ISRA Point activation

  • 25 March 2023
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I just moved to my new apartment and the previous owner used Ziggo, the cable that I am supposed to plug in the ISRA point is now unusable.

Is it possible to get a technician to come and fix it? I think I need a technician from the grid operator ( KPN ).

Thank you



Beste antwoord door prodigy 25 March 2023, 14:41

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Hello @Denma 

Is your subscription allready active? A moderator can then send a technician.

Is it for now an option to use the T-Mobile DSL cable and connect it directly to the ISRA or maybe you know a friend who can put a RJ11 connector on the right wires?

Hi @Waqqas,


Yes, my subscription started on 16/03/2023.

Unfortunately, the cupboard where there's the ISRA point is outside my appartment, I don't think I can use the T-Mobile DSL cable I have.

I don't know anyone who could help me on this, and I don't have the proper equipment for the RJ11 connector either.


The grid operator is responsible up to ISRA point, everything behind that is for the ISP/customer.

You should have gotten 2 cables and a small box with an rj11 outlet. You can open that box and connect the white/blue and blue wires shown in your picture on to that with a screwdriver.

Then use the DSL cable to connect the rj11 box to the ISRA. Inside your home you can then connect the Zyxel modem with the 2nd DSL cable. The RJ11 socket is a bit smaller than the RJ45 outlet you have there, but if you insert it in the middle it will make a connection with the white/blue and blue copper wires and you should have a working line.

Would help to first test if there is a connection on the ISRA itself before doing anything else though.

Hi @prodigy,

Followed your instructions and it works now. Thank you!

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Fantastic work guys! Enjoy your connection and have an amazing Sunday! 😄