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  • 15 May 2018
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Dear T-Mobile,

I shifted to T-Mobile Thuis (750 mbps internet) with telephone and television. It has been 1.5 months and I'm completely not satisfied with the speed of the internet.

I have a wired cable connection to one of my computers and the other devices (Ipad, phone) work on wifi. I checked the speed of the internet on the wired computer and it measures around 130mbps. This is less than 1/5th of the promised speed of 750 mbps. Furthermore, the wifi is not at all stable. It either disconnects or the speed is very bad. The speed check shows that wifi is ~20 mbps, sometimes falling to 7 mbps. This is really bad.

The problem is that I have registered for online courses, where there is a video class. With this worst connection, the video is either stuck or freezed after every 10 minutes. I also opened a ticket with T-Mobile and the agent told me that there might be a problem in the line. This issue has been going on from the past ~1.5 months and the ticket is open from the past 10 days.

I had a 50 mbps net before (glasvezel) from online and never had any problems. Now I have 750 mbps and have bought a lot of problems along with this connection.

Please give a solution to my problem quickly. My ticket number is Ticket#2018043011009277


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Hi Krish, welcome to the T-Mobile community.

You already made this topic earlier today. It's not the meaning that you open multiple topics about the same issue, it's seen as a form of spam.

A T-Mobile Moderator will provide you with an answer in your other topic. Please keep in mind that this messageboard is a customer-helps-customer messageboard in the first place, so a little patience is required.

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